Wednesday, 7 September 2011


i feel bad, i havent posted in a while, not that theres much to write about cos nothing really has happened since last time i came on here but i just wanted to fill in the gap that will most likely form till the next time i post something interesting. so its the sevent of september right now which means i got my first day of school at warlingham tomorrow at 11am .... this also means i didnt get accepted into Reigate which is a bit of a pisstake specially since my hoes might leave Warlingham and go back to TMore and just leave me there all by myself like an unprotected newborn . shut up, yes i know im a drama queen.
anyway so tomorrow.... i got my outfit partly planned out and my hair partly done so i get to sleep in a bit more even though i know im just gonna wake up at 8 like i usually do anyway :L
i just remembered i need to brush my teeth again cos i just had an actimel and an apple pie which tasted kind of rancid and old. YUM.
whatever. fuck you. good night

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