Saturday, 30 July 2011

30/07/2011 HOT DAY OUT

Paula and I woke up at about 11 give or take half an hour , we chilled for like 2 hours while we decided what to do and waited for the weather outside to kinda settle down. At first we were gonna go to the pool but then decided not to cos it was too much of a bother withe the hole hair/makeup fandango .
we got ready and went to Sanderstead Park to sit for a couple of hours or so, we read our horoscopes, listened to music and just had a good chillout session while we perved on every boy that walked by. at about 4 we came back to my house to make home made frappuccinos that to be honest, tated kinda weird due to the lack of caramel sauce, m'eeeeh they were plain as fuuuh.
we didnt know what to do so i suggested we walk all the way to Kevo's house which is at least 6 miles we did, we walked in the sun for about an hour and 15 minutes and by the time we got there we were so tired that we had to sit on a bench for like an hour while our hurting feet recuperated from that long-ass treck. it was kinda awkward when this boy in the year bellow us walked by with his gf/next victim.
at like 7 we got the 403 and went to her house but when we got there , there was a party about to break out so we decided to go to her mumma's work just to walk for a bit. on our way there she got stopped by this guy who offered her a job as a waitress... I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED but i got over it later on when i saw the most beautifully tanned spanish boy omg. he was so yum i just wanted to die , become a ghost and stalk him at night ;O

LAWL  my eye kept watering and crying for no reason

this shit was sooo rodiculous

home made ring from tiiime ago

29/07/2011 Date with Pablo the cement mixer

Polish builder is backkk! how i missed my little paula :'( but now she's mine for all of august so it's all good.
we met up at like 3 in croydon cos she was in 3 trying to cancel her phone plan so she could get a new blackberry but unfortunately (or fortunately, she wont annoy me with the pings ;) ) she didnt get it so we went around croydon for a bit to look for wedges for her and she did find some that look BANGING yet they're so high that people might think they look a little bit hookerish.. :S whatevs though they're HOT.
we then went to her house, she made a weird cake while i watched and took pics of her passport photo of years ago ;)
after we went to my house to get some money and change my shoes to go to a new ice cream place called After's which is delishhhhhh but soooo expensive! we got to my house at almost 11so she stayed over, we didnt do much cos we were so tired that we just fell asleep straight after.

the shoes she bought

awwwww she was sucha cute 6 year old

just look at them ice creams !!

27-28/07/2011 quality time with the whorebag

on the 27th the boyfriend aka alia came over and we took a crapload of pics, she stayed over and we watched one of our face films 'what happened in vegas'... while we spooned and raped each other nomnomnomnomn. also she learn the super bass by nicki micky rap and we rapped it together -_-

The next day we went Ashford Outlet with my 'rents so we bought some super discountd makeup and i also got a really nice cropped blazer which im too fraid to wear eeeek. We had Fish and Chips to eat that were the shiznit and then just came home jammed for a while and then Alia had to go home :'(

autoglass mannnn

oh my

even though you're ugly as hell, i love you

26/07/2011 dadda's 45th bday

I feel kinda bad.. that it was my dad's bday and he was the one to take me and my mum out instead of us taking him out.. and on top of that he paid for the pedal boat ride and bought me an expensive coat and little bag.. whatever it was fun and the next day we bought him some levi's and lunch so its alllll good .
by the by, getting on a little boat with your parents while you're surrounded by loved up teenage couples is NOT amusing. not even one bit.
oh yeah we ate at La Tasca and the food was dirt cheap yayyyyya

tapasss <3

my mama aww

ice creammmm m

Sunday, 24 July 2011

24/07/2011 Nando's

just went to Nando's.. thats it , then came home and had an awful evening but apart from that.. nothing

forgot to take a pic before we tucked in :| twas too nice!

23/07/11 pizza with the guys & Tempin

the Italians came over with Alia to have pizza and just hang out for a bit.. it was kinda weird having them at my house , specially when my dad came home and started acting like a complete fob urghh but appart from that it was cool cos the pizza was delishhh . then we went croydon to get some pictures that Alia had got developed and sat at starbucks for a while. I realised how easy it is to talk to Fanco and Alessio.. they're so funny and we're just like 'em , kinda gross and boyish :)

then we went Purley Way to check out Tempin and play that game that makes u waste like £200 just using 10p.. yeah Alessio just stuck his skinny hand up the machine n got like £3 , which we used to play air hockey. first me n alessio wong against alia n franco twice and then me n alia lost one and won one against the boys . yayayayaya DONS DOT TING ;)

i tried color blocking.. ehhh it's not my fave

love these dons :')

just look at that pizza hmmmm

Shelley :D

alia is gonna cry when she sees this LOL

trying to be cleopatra -___-

Thursday, 21 July 2011

17/21 July 2011 Inceptio and Harry Potter

let me just start off by saying that keeping this blog isn't as easy as i thought it was gonna be, i thought i'd take pictures of my day and then just upload them  onto here and write a caption of what not. but i failed to think of the fact that i DONT HAVE A LIFE .... meaning this blog is boring as fuuuuuh, but im still gonna update it cos i know im gonna regret it if i dont in 3 years time.
ok so alia got back on the 15th and i didnt see her till the 17th . YES, SHE IS BLICK , sdhfeushfwajlaid so jelly!! she came over n we made a yummy chocolate cake and home made frapuccinos, we ate a shitload and watched Inception..... to be honest i wouldnt be able to tell you what it was about cos its straight up the most confusing film ever, twas good tho :)

Yesterday we went to see HP7 which was sooooooooooo good its unbelievable! aww when the ginger twin died we cried so hard .. and then these guys next to us started laughing and immitating us, the fucktards.
oh yeah and we got perved on by these 3 boys who where supposedly our age yet they looked not a day over 14. and this other 50 yr old man came up to us to talk bout his life, he was so scary :S

cinema stairs

they gave us free chicken!! :D

Sunday, 17 July 2011

16/07/11 Kingston with mumma :D

ugh i hate this. theres nothing to write about! my life is so effing dryyyyyyy. whatever, alia came back from egypt all tanned and giddy FML, but i dont care 'cause i finally get to hang out with someone and not just chill at home like a friendless saddo :)
but yeah my mum and i went kingston to get my dad something for his birthday and ended up buying stuff for moii instead hehehhe yay me, i got a pair of over the knee boots and hot pink shorts both from ZARA. theyre so nice i can wait to wear them with like a yellow or purple top (color blocking) oh yh how can i forget we ate a large pizza hut , deep pan pizza between us two and i think its fair to say i dont ever want to eat pizza ever again . ok goodbye now

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

13/07/2011 nothingness :S

absolutely nothing new except for the fact that i skyped with my fellow FOB ,Pablo Escobar aka 'the mule dog' for about 2 hours, shes not in the bath and has asked me to write something to entertain her .. so i though hmmm let me put some pictures up from our skyping session. here ya goooooooo sexy

she is attractive

this hoe got her hoebaggin' eyebrow pierced

Monday, 11 July 2011

8/9 july 2011- boring ass days

these days i basically did nothing because my bitches left me to go on holiday, so im currently on my own with no plans for the next 5 days till Alia gets back from Egypt ugh. cant wait for her to be back!!
apart from my boring life i bought some drawers to organize my makeup and my momma also bought me a new camera , hence the following pointless pictures. ENJOY :D

new and improved beauty corner :)

new makeup drawers

i know it looks nasty as fuck but i swear it's delicious- 'huevos rotos con patatas'<3

say hello to my new nikon S3100

oh yh, and the wedges

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thorpe Park 5/07/11

Thorpe Park was soooo good! I'd never been there before so it was extra cool pour moii :)
so yeah i woke up at 6.15 am , quickly washed my face / brushed my teeth/ put some shorts on and by 6.30 i was on the road with my rents on my way to Paula's house. So i put my makeup on and did my hair at her house and then we went to the train station to meet up with the rest of the group so we could be on our way.
the train tickets were £5.50 each so it wasnt that bad .. but yeah we got on the train to clapham junction and then changed to staines. the ride was about 40 minutes. we then went on to get a £3 bus to thorpe park!!!
By that time we were all crapping out pants with excitement!!
When we got the park we payed £20 each (its normally £40 but we had 2for1 tickets) and literally RAN to the Saw ride... let me just say it was NOT the right ride to go on first cos it was deffinetly the scariest ride i got on that day! the turns n twists were casjjjj but then the vertical drop!?!?!?! i almost shat a brick. lets just leave it at that.
But yeah we barely had to queue for anhything except for this stupid new water ride that we spent on like 70 minutes lining up for and it was so stupid and over so fast that everyone was in a horrible mood after.
Well.. after we went on tidal wave which was AMAZING (alia and i later went on it like 7 more times) oh yeah and we ate burger king somewhere in between the rides. I FUCKING HATE THAT PLACE. IT BEGS OFF MCDONALDS -___-

after going on the log ride, yes we got lake water all over us. ughhh

the girls <3 tidal wave got us WETTT (excuse my bra n bright face wtf)

queueing up for inferno