Sunday, 24 July 2011

23/07/11 pizza with the guys & Tempin

the Italians came over with Alia to have pizza and just hang out for a bit.. it was kinda weird having them at my house , specially when my dad came home and started acting like a complete fob urghh but appart from that it was cool cos the pizza was delishhh . then we went croydon to get some pictures that Alia had got developed and sat at starbucks for a while. I realised how easy it is to talk to Fanco and Alessio.. they're so funny and we're just like 'em , kinda gross and boyish :)

then we went Purley Way to check out Tempin and play that game that makes u waste like £200 just using 10p.. yeah Alessio just stuck his skinny hand up the machine n got like £3 , which we used to play air hockey. first me n alessio wong against alia n franco twice and then me n alia lost one and won one against the boys . yayayayaya DONS DOT TING ;)

i tried color blocking.. ehhh it's not my fave

love these dons :')

just look at that pizza hmmmm

Shelley :D

alia is gonna cry when she sees this LOL

trying to be cleopatra -___-

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