Sunday, 17 July 2011

16/07/11 Kingston with mumma :D

ugh i hate this. theres nothing to write about! my life is so effing dryyyyyyy. whatever, alia came back from egypt all tanned and giddy FML, but i dont care 'cause i finally get to hang out with someone and not just chill at home like a friendless saddo :)
but yeah my mum and i went kingston to get my dad something for his birthday and ended up buying stuff for moii instead hehehhe yay me, i got a pair of over the knee boots and hot pink shorts both from ZARA. theyre so nice i can wait to wear them with like a yellow or purple top (color blocking) oh yh how can i forget we ate a large pizza hut , deep pan pizza between us two and i think its fair to say i dont ever want to eat pizza ever again . ok goodbye now

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