Thursday, 1 December 2011


so i havent updated this thingy in a long time, that cos i cant find time and cos theres nothing particularly interesting to put on here...
i did my mocks.. i got a D in law which im quite happy about to be honest and an E in media but thats fine too cos my exam is in june so i still got time to get to grips with it.
Laura got a job last month at a hotel but shes already quitting cos she haaaaates it. dammit i want her job!
yeah schools pretty damn boring now to be honest.. i got my exams coming up in January and yes, i am bricking it.
tomorrow the cuban family will come over and we'll have an awkward turtle dinner, FUNNNNNNN cant wait -_-
my boyfriend posed for me for my magazine cover :')

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Firework night 5/11/11

nothing to say about it.. except that it'd have been so much better if i had a boyfriend -_____-

Sunday, 16 October 2011

15/10/2011 London with the t.more crew

i think the main point of this day was Alia being 1hour 30 minutes late -_______________- we all just wanted to kill her but it was aiiight really . so we got on the train with adult travelcards for the first time in our lifes, fucking hell theyre soooo expensive!! anyway we were gonna go Ed's diner to eat but when we got there we realised it was basically a shit cafe so we just went around trying to find a nicer place. in the end the girls and i ate at La Bella Italia which was yummyyyy and the boys ended up back at the diner. alia and Paula bought me a bday ice cream which was absolute heavennnnn <3 then we met back up again and went trocadero where i got on a bull thingy, it was jokess :)
after that, we went to Westminster and walked around the Big Ben and the London eye, it was so much fun. i forgot how much i missed the boys! we saw some people doing in against a wall, i dont know why thats important but i just thought that'd be fun to remember :L
we went home like an hour later , paula and alia stayed over and we basically did nothing, pretty much fell asleep straight away .


this day started off well, actually it finished off well too :D . at school , the girls brought me a cake , with candels and everything, they also got me cards and a teddy bear and a fairy thing. twas cool, no complaints :) also this guy bought me a cake, which kinda tasted horrible but whatever is the though that counts.... sometimes.
after school my babies came to pick me up, muffins in hand , and they made me the most lovliest card everrrrrrr i shall be buried with it :') .
then we got on the 403 and went to croydon to meet L'marr aka Willy we sat at mcdees with him for like an hour an a half just talking ,joking.. hes so cool :)
then i went home, freshend up , did my mums makeup and we went to eat at Frankie & Bennys. the food was goooood and it was just fun :)

all wearing heels ;)

loveeeeee love love

FOB moment

Thursday, 29 September 2011


estoy a punto de irme para el colegio y vi la oportunidad de escribir un poco aqui y poner todo lo nuevo que ha pasado. bueno pues poruspuesto empece el colegio el 2 de septiembre, ya es el 29 :S me tarde bastande en escribir sobre mis primeros dias en el W pero bueno, para eso estoy escribiendo ahora .
mis travestis se fueron al segundo dia y volvieron a nuestro viejo colegio porque no querian hacer amigos y pues porque son vagas .... me da igual yo me integre muy bien aunque este solucionando con unas chicas que no son nada como yo, no tengo nada en comun con ellas pero porlomenos no estoy sola nunca, ademas me caen bien solo ke todas son indias o musulmanes y como que soy la oveja negra del grupito. tambien me junto con otra gente que me cae mejor pero tampoco con como yo ni como alia y paulina .... esque nadie van a ser como ellas <3
me mandam muchisimos deveres y redacciones y lo odiooooo aunque ya me habian avisado que sixth form iba a ser mucho mas dificil que la secundaria , y tenian razon.
lo de la ropa me va bien, eso si, buscar que ponerme seria imposible por las manianas asi que busco el tiempo del dia siguiente en google y de ahi decido que me voy a poner por la maniana. que inteligente soy ;)
son las 8:06 y creo que debo salir ya mismo pero esk no hay ganas de levantarse, preparar mi bolso y coger el autobus, aver si mi papa me lleva :)
whatever, chaiiiiitoooo

Saturday, 17 September 2011

17th september 2011 .mummy's bday

i dont feel like writing but i guess i should, so yeah it was my mum's bday so we went bluewater ate at Chilango's , i got a cardigan and a new Swatch and my dad got my mum a new Casio. yeah thats it, bye

                                                                      mines better ;)

2 or so of august. who knows :)



i dont even remember this day but here are the pictures, this is before school started so yeah.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


i feel bad, i havent posted in a while, not that theres much to write about cos nothing really has happened since last time i came on here but i just wanted to fill in the gap that will most likely form till the next time i post something interesting. so its the sevent of september right now which means i got my first day of school at warlingham tomorrow at 11am .... this also means i didnt get accepted into Reigate which is a bit of a pisstake specially since my hoes might leave Warlingham and go back to TMore and just leave me there all by myself like an unprotected newborn . shut up, yes i know im a drama queen.
anyway so tomorrow.... i got my outfit partly planned out and my hair partly done so i get to sleep in a bit more even though i know im just gonna wake up at 8 like i usually do anyway :L
i just remembered i need to brush my teeth again cos i just had an actimel and an apple pie which tasted kind of rancid and old. YUM.
whatever. fuck you. good night

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

27/08/2011 Cuban timeeeeee

esto lo voy a escribis en español , 1 por practicar y 2 para que la puta tenga que traducirlo .. y ademas porque se lo dije a Alia y no quiero mentir :L
bueno pues los cubanos - la aereomosa y el piloto vinieron a comer paella y todo lo que mis padres cocinaron , que fue muchisiiiimo , ya estabamos a punto de esplotar cuando nos dimos cuenta que heran las 11 de la noche y hora de dormir. Laura se quedo en el cuarto de mi hermana y Orlando en el mio. Por la mañana fuimos al supermercado donde Laura compro demasiados juguetes para su hija  y orlando muchas libretas para los suyos que estan apunto de empezar la universisad. Despues fuimos al restaurante de IKEA y ellos comieron albondigas y yo comi un pastel. despues los llevamos a su hotel y nosostros regresamos a la casa a descansar que lo necesitabamos!