Sunday, 16 October 2011


this day started off well, actually it finished off well too :D . at school , the girls brought me a cake , with candels and everything, they also got me cards and a teddy bear and a fairy thing. twas cool, no complaints :) also this guy bought me a cake, which kinda tasted horrible but whatever is the though that counts.... sometimes.
after school my babies came to pick me up, muffins in hand , and they made me the most lovliest card everrrrrrr i shall be buried with it :') .
then we got on the 403 and went to croydon to meet L'marr aka Willy we sat at mcdees with him for like an hour an a half just talking ,joking.. hes so cool :)
then i went home, freshend up , did my mums makeup and we went to eat at Frankie & Bennys. the food was goooood and it was just fun :)

all wearing heels ;)

loveeeeee love love

FOB moment

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