Saturday, 30 July 2011

27-28/07/2011 quality time with the whorebag

on the 27th the boyfriend aka alia came over and we took a crapload of pics, she stayed over and we watched one of our face films 'what happened in vegas'... while we spooned and raped each other nomnomnomnomn. also she learn the super bass by nicki micky rap and we rapped it together -_-

The next day we went Ashford Outlet with my 'rents so we bought some super discountd makeup and i also got a really nice cropped blazer which im too fraid to wear eeeek. We had Fish and Chips to eat that were the shiznit and then just came home jammed for a while and then Alia had to go home :'(

autoglass mannnn

oh my

even though you're ugly as hell, i love you

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