Saturday, 30 July 2011

29/07/2011 Date with Pablo the cement mixer

Polish builder is backkk! how i missed my little paula :'( but now she's mine for all of august so it's all good.
we met up at like 3 in croydon cos she was in 3 trying to cancel her phone plan so she could get a new blackberry but unfortunately (or fortunately, she wont annoy me with the pings ;) ) she didnt get it so we went around croydon for a bit to look for wedges for her and she did find some that look BANGING yet they're so high that people might think they look a little bit hookerish.. :S whatevs though they're HOT.
we then went to her house, she made a weird cake while i watched and took pics of her passport photo of years ago ;)
after we went to my house to get some money and change my shoes to go to a new ice cream place called After's which is delishhhhhh but soooo expensive! we got to my house at almost 11so she stayed over, we didnt do much cos we were so tired that we just fell asleep straight after.

the shoes she bought

awwwww she was sucha cute 6 year old

just look at them ice creams !!

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