Thursday, 21 July 2011

17/21 July 2011 Inceptio and Harry Potter

let me just start off by saying that keeping this blog isn't as easy as i thought it was gonna be, i thought i'd take pictures of my day and then just upload them  onto here and write a caption of what not. but i failed to think of the fact that i DONT HAVE A LIFE .... meaning this blog is boring as fuuuuuh, but im still gonna update it cos i know im gonna regret it if i dont in 3 years time.
ok so alia got back on the 15th and i didnt see her till the 17th . YES, SHE IS BLICK , sdhfeushfwajlaid so jelly!! she came over n we made a yummy chocolate cake and home made frapuccinos, we ate a shitload and watched Inception..... to be honest i wouldnt be able to tell you what it was about cos its straight up the most confusing film ever, twas good tho :)

Yesterday we went to see HP7 which was sooooooooooo good its unbelievable! aww when the ginger twin died we cried so hard .. and then these guys next to us started laughing and immitating us, the fucktards.
oh yeah and we got perved on by these 3 boys who where supposedly our age yet they looked not a day over 14. and this other 50 yr old man came up to us to talk bout his life, he was so scary :S

cinema stairs

they gave us free chicken!! :D

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