Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thorpe Park 5/07/11

Thorpe Park was soooo good! I'd never been there before so it was extra cool pour moii :)
so yeah i woke up at 6.15 am , quickly washed my face / brushed my teeth/ put some shorts on and by 6.30 i was on the road with my rents on my way to Paula's house. So i put my makeup on and did my hair at her house and then we went to the train station to meet up with the rest of the group so we could be on our way.
the train tickets were £5.50 each so it wasnt that bad .. but yeah we got on the train to clapham junction and then changed to staines. the ride was about 40 minutes. we then went on to get a £3 bus to thorpe park!!!
By that time we were all crapping out pants with excitement!!
When we got the park we payed £20 each (its normally £40 but we had 2for1 tickets) and literally RAN to the Saw ride... let me just say it was NOT the right ride to go on first cos it was deffinetly the scariest ride i got on that day! the turns n twists were casjjjj but then the vertical drop!?!?!?! i almost shat a brick. lets just leave it at that.
But yeah we barely had to queue for anhything except for this stupid new water ride that we spent on like 70 minutes lining up for and it was so stupid and over so fast that everyone was in a horrible mood after.
Well.. after we went on tidal wave which was AMAZING (alia and i later went on it like 7 more times) oh yeah and we ate burger king somewhere in between the rides. I FUCKING HATE THAT PLACE. IT BEGS OFF MCDONALDS -___-

after going on the log ride, yes we got lake water all over us. ughhh

the girls <3 tidal wave got us WETTT (excuse my bra n bright face wtf)

queueing up for inferno


  1. Sounds like fun ! Good info.. Loved it , by the way I am writing on fashion. Please checkout and stay updated with latest trends.Right now covering Men's Week. Let's spread our community..Thanks

  2. I love Thorpe Park, haven't been for years though so haven't been on Saw, think I'd be too much of a wimp though it sounds terrifying!xx

  3. Wow, great pics. It looks like you had a great time. You have a wonderful blog by the way, I love it! I cannot wait to read more of your posts and will definitly check back for updates!! You're also incredibly beautiful (but you probably get that all of the time)!

    All the best,