Saturday, 30 July 2011

30/07/2011 HOT DAY OUT

Paula and I woke up at about 11 give or take half an hour , we chilled for like 2 hours while we decided what to do and waited for the weather outside to kinda settle down. At first we were gonna go to the pool but then decided not to cos it was too much of a bother withe the hole hair/makeup fandango .
we got ready and went to Sanderstead Park to sit for a couple of hours or so, we read our horoscopes, listened to music and just had a good chillout session while we perved on every boy that walked by. at about 4 we came back to my house to make home made frappuccinos that to be honest, tated kinda weird due to the lack of caramel sauce, m'eeeeh they were plain as fuuuh.
we didnt know what to do so i suggested we walk all the way to Kevo's house which is at least 6 miles we did, we walked in the sun for about an hour and 15 minutes and by the time we got there we were so tired that we had to sit on a bench for like an hour while our hurting feet recuperated from that long-ass treck. it was kinda awkward when this boy in the year bellow us walked by with his gf/next victim.
at like 7 we got the 403 and went to her house but when we got there , there was a party about to break out so we decided to go to her mumma's work just to walk for a bit. on our way there she got stopped by this guy who offered her a job as a waitress... I WAS SO FUCKING PISSED but i got over it later on when i saw the most beautifully tanned spanish boy omg. he was so yum i just wanted to die , become a ghost and stalk him at night ;O

LAWL  my eye kept watering and crying for no reason

this shit was sooo rodiculous

home made ring from tiiime ago

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