Tuesday, 2 August 2011

31/07/2011 Don't you just love London in the summer?

woke up early (as per ushh) and got ready and shit in about 2 hours just because i felt like taking my time for once and not rushing. the whores were late as always so im guessing i looked like a freak in bright pink shorts and a hat standing outside of the cinema :S
it was hoooot in london and spesh in Hyde Park but such a nice day! we jammed by the lake for like an hour and then went mcdees to eat (got stalked by a weirdo boy on the way there), hmmm then we went and rode some barclays bikes which almost ruined my life, cos having to pay a £150 fine IS ruining my life to be honest..
then stayed at paulas and thats ittt. twas a good day

pablo is gonna kiiiill me :)

 never again :S

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