Tuesday, 30 August 2011

25/08/2011 GCSE Results day

so i woke up at like 8 to get to school as early as possible to get my GCSEs i was bricking it cos i thought i did so bad but turns out i actually did good! since ima be reading back on this in the next years i better write what i got right? so i got  A* in spanish and french. A in english lit, maths and physics. B in biology ,chemistry, ICT and art and a C in R.E . overall i was really happy with my result given that i though i was gonna do shit.
anyway so after we got our results we went out to eat at cosmos with the nerd herd (minus franco) and then tempin to play some snooker and this weird pirate videogame .. twas quite fun but i think we spent like 5 pound in total on it :S
after we went to Paulas and smoked shisha and had non alcoholic shots like the begs we are.so the boys went home and i asked paula to pierce my ear, so she did , so yh now i got a second ear piercing foh freeeeee!!

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