Friday, 19 August 2011

16/08/2011 Oxford street with mah hoe ,yah get meh?

i dont have any pictures from today but oh well i dont care i can just write right?
so Alia and i went oxford street to go Forever21 which has just opened in london and we were anxious to check the stuff out. At first we were kinda let down by it because it was just like a fancy H&M but then we saw the jewelery and fell head over heels for the massive collection of dirt-cheap accesories.
i bought two long necklaces and a pair of earings and alia bought i think two earings and a bracelet maybe? anyway then we walked a bit to miss selfridge and alia bought her goooorgeous black velvet wedges which she could not walk in to save her life. we walked a bit through oxford street until it just got too embarrasing because she just kept stumbling and leaning on me so she changed to her flats and made me go home and buy my own pair off ebay for less than half the money she spent on hers.
that was a good day to be honest .. i got home and i couldnt stop smiling cos it was just a genuinely fun day .. wtf is wrong with me? i need a boyfriend -_-

one of the necklaces i bought :)

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