Monday, 22 August 2011

22/08/2011 Camden Town

When i look back at this blog posts in two years time or whatever im sure im gonna think that i was such a saddo .. in literally every post i talk about how i went out with Alia and Paulina aka my only friends... damn i need a life ASAP.
But yeah................................. the hoes and me went to Camden market to check out what it was about since we'd never been there , its such a cool place i cant even describe it , i just love it and the weather was nice and we kept seein hottttaaaays so that's a plus... we bought like two bracelets each or something like that from this little shop that was packed full of goodies that were so random and didnt seem to belong next to each other. but i love that kind of eclectic mix , it just made the shop look that much more bohemian and chillaxed. Afterards we went to Brent Cross shopping center and looked around for a bit until Alia decided she had to go cadets so we went home.

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