Monday, 22 August 2011

21/08/2011 CAT CHARITY

Alia.. being the cat lady that she is ,signed me and Paula up to help out at a charity event for cats. So we got there and there were literally like 8 stalls at most selling old perfumes/teacups/photo frames and whatnot, the only good stall was the one that sold those banging cupcakes oh my god they were delish. So yeah we were in charge of the jewellery stall and to be completely honest it was not as boring as i thought it was gonna be but still pretty shit :S we sold about 20 items of old and unwanted jewellery and made like £35 which is not that bad so ,meeeh its aiiiight. after e went to Paulas to chill for a bit and smoke shisha. went home at like 6 and thats it  ,ate and stalked loads of blogs :)

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