Wednesday, 15 February 2012

massive updatee.... feb 15th 2012

well its february 15th which means i haven't written anything in two months and quite a few things have happened since my last update.
-i got a kindle and vans for christmas but  didnt really do much during those holidays to be honest..
-then on new years Paula had a party so that was goooood even though i had to see Alia snogging a girl, a tad bit weird but heeeeeey who gives a.
-then on the 11th i had my law and business exam , business was a piece of doooodooo and i failed that like ive never failed anyhing before oopsieeees. law was actually ok but i messed up because i answered a disadvantages question with advantages, so thats 10 marks down the drain :(
january was pretty much boring after thaaaaat...
-another sixh form party on the 4th which was soooo crap cause it snowed so only like 70 people came.. and then so many people got stranded there cos no taxis or buses were coming up to warlingham. i didnt even dance much since i spent basically the whole night with the bf .jaz and apple stayed at mine that night so it was funnn..
-february 14th, yesterday was reallllllyyy good didnt do anything with Ant but instead went to a party in selsdon and even though i didnt drink much it was still cooool and i met some pretty nice people so yeaaaah. then i felt weird staying over with all these people i barely knew so i stayed at Brad's and left at 8 am.
- today .. well technically i should be revising, and i will but just not now, in a minute , or maybe when i get home from the cinema with Alia, we're going to watch the vowwwww yesyyeysyeyyes Channing Tatum. BONER.
 ok here.. pictures...
keziah, me, apple and jaz


trololololo what a SHLAG.

modelled for my magazine. bitch be looking GOOOOD

sixth form party, at apples.

LOL drunk ?

valentines day partyyyyyy

this guys was a total douche face. ugh

YES, HIS NAME WAS FEBRECE ... like febreeze but not LMFAO

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