Tuesday, 27 March 2012

27/03/2012 another bunch of updatess

On the 25ft of feb Robbie had a little house party type thing and Apple ,Jaz and I went together, it was cool, not the moest amazing thing ive ever gone to but it was a good release and a much needed partaaay.
got home at like 12 but thankfully a friend was nice enough to give me a lift home or my mum would have muuuurdered mee.
Then on the 18th of march Apple had a sort of gathering at hers and to everyone's surprise i showed up with Ant... twas awwwwwkss flirting with other people and him being right there but ah well, who cares :L
Theeeeen on the 24th all the warlingham girls and a couple of boys basically scraped this reunion... it was sososo shit but he was there so i dint even mind ;)
when we got to west croydon bus station he asked me to come to his friends party with him and him, his bro and his friend basically pressured me to say yes, meeeeh im not gonna lie i didnt need much pressuring :L so yeah we were on the bus there when he got a call from the party girl saying it was cancelled so we ended up going to his and chilling for like 3 hours until my sis and mum picked me up. oh and i met his friends , literally the funniest people EVERRRR theyre sooo cool :')

Robbie's nightt

yes he was teaching me his hair plaiting skills, and no that boy had nothing to drink :L

                                                          Apple's was fun , actually :L


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