Saturday, 29 September 2012

August 2012.

4th of August Robbie had a house party which was pretty banging and it was the first time i spoke to my ex since march when we broke up, but meeeh it was all right, no drama and he was nice anyway.
V.Attractive red eyes

a couple of days after Robbies the Warlingham girls met up and we went chinese which was dkfvdgfjjkdf yum.

Then on the 10th Jaye had a house party which is probably to this day the best house party ive ever been to, it was literally banging <3 tis a shame that the night was ruined by these two chavs that mugged Marcus and his friend at knife-point as we were walking to his'... had to call the police and all, but they only took their phones and nothing important anyway so could have been worse.

oh and lastly, i got my AS results on the 19th.. A in spanish, B in media and C  in law and business :\ could have done better, specially in Law but im not resitting , fuck that.

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