Saturday, 29 September 2012

September, beginning of A2.

so we started school on the 10th , and it loved it for the first couple of weeks because obviously i had my Best friend and my boyfriend there with me aaaaaall the time but then, as it always does drama started over a stupid argument about music. dont even want to go into it because it seems so petty and childish now but basically me and Alia were ready to smack some childish little brats.
I've had a lot of homework lately, it just seems to pile up but at least im finished with my EPQ project which took me over a week to write, soooo annoying.
Driving is going well, have my test on the 31st of october but i want to move it up ti around the 24th.
Had a couple of 18ths already one much better than the other... and then freshers obviously which was last night and it was reaaaally good. felt so good to party with Alia again :') shame my baby was ill and high so he basically sat all night but i was a good girlfriend and kept him company of courseee. Here's the evidence ;)

This was one of the 18ths, formal-ish wear.

had to put this mugshot somewhere.

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